Tarot & Soul Path Reading Combi Audio

Seeing your life in terms of both your souls path and your day to day life can be that final puzzle piece


I love doing Soul Path Readings, it is such a beautiful experience to be able to share your path with you.


To see your souls purpose as well as the trials and tribulations that you are going through in order to grow and rediscover your pure essence is so moving.


Knowing that you are on the right path even if life can seem a bit confusing is very empowering and allows you to move forward with confidence.


It can also be very comforting to know those in spirit that are around us, guiding and supporting us whether we know it or not.


A Soul Path Reading differs from a Tarot or Psychic Reading as it focuses on your souls journey whereas a Tarot Reading focuses more on your physical and spiritual journey. Both criss-cross and overlap though.


When you have both together you get a much deeper and more expansive reading. The Tarot follows our spiritual journey which although similar to our soul journey is slightly different and looks more at your mental emotional and physical aspects of your life. They are related to your spiritual growth but deal much more with your day to day life and experiences.


When you have the two together it creates deeper understanding of you, your life, your experiences and your future


We are all beautiful souls just trying to find our way home, so let me shine a little light on your path.


See you soon

Love and Laughter Michele xxx