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Learn to Read Tarot

Develop your connection to spirit and source energy and a whole new world will open to you

Learning to read the tarot is a fabulous resource for you to have in your life, it can help you see what may be coming up for you and take steps to avoid it or accept it into your life. It can be fun and astounding, amazing you with its accuracy. Practising the tarot will also help you to develop your connection to source energy and spirit.


GBP 45.00

Unlock The Potential of You

Personal & Spiritual Development Programme

Unlocking the Potential of You,  Personal & Spiritual Development Course

Unlocking the Potential of You

8 Unit Online Course

Teaching you the tools and techniques to create the life of your dreams

GBP 299.00
GBP 99.00

Reaching Unity Meditation Course

Clear your mind, balance your emotions and reconnect with everything

Reaching Unity Online Meditation Course

Divided into 22 easy to follow lessons you will soon find your life flowing with ease.

Meditation is key for a Joyful and Balanced Heart Mind & Life

GBP 60.00