Meditation - A proven approach

Even if you have never meditated before, the benefits are immediate click here for more information on meditating

Work with the energy of the moon

Together we can really work with the moon energy, super-boosting you on your mission to create an extraordinary life of love laughter and happiness.


Learn when to push forward & when to sit back

When we work with the energy of the moon it makes the most amazing difference to our lives, so often we feel like we are banging our heads against a brick wall. No matter how hard we try nothing to seems to work out in our favour. Most often that is because we are trying to push forward when the energies support us sitting back and reflecting.

The Power of the Group

Meditating in a group increases the power of the meditation and is an amazing experience, one we should be doing more of as we move into 2018.

It is all about unity and the collective after all


  • January 2nd 12 Noon GMT Super Moon
  • January 31st Super Moon Time to be arranged 12 noon GMT
  • March 2nd 12 Noon GMT
  • March 31st 12 Noon GMT
  • April 30th 12 Noon GMT
  • May 29th 12 Noon GMT
  • June 28th 12 Noon GMT
  • July 27th 12 Noon GMT Micro Full Moon
  • August 26th 12 Noon GMT
  • September 25th 12 Noon GMT
  • October 24th 12 Noon GMT
  • November 23rd 12 Noon GMT
  • December 22nd - there will be no meditation on this date

Free Guided Meditations

Want a taste before you sign up? Try out some of my free guided meditations.

  • “I didn't realise how powerful meditating in a group could be”

  • “Working with Michele & the Moon has been empowering”

  • “Understanding the cycles of the moon has made my life so much easier”

  • “WOW, that was something special. Feeling as though I have taken a very strong seditive. I could feel and see like a glass shell all around me shatter and then all the crap just being sucked up and then I was in a car wash standing in between the brushes having a shampoo and blow dry ”

    Energy Healer

  • “OOh I've just listened to it and it is sooo lovely. Did some processing yesterday and the moon meditation has helped to release much more.”


  • “I have just done Michele’s moon meditation though as I couldn’t tune in earlier and feel really energised but very calm at the same time. It was amazing 😊 xx”

    Singer Song Writer

  • “Amazing and expansive meditation Michele thank you so much - im going to look forward and love working with the moon this year xxx”


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