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We are doing things a little differently, rather than pricing tiers based on the content of your monthly package.

You choose the Price you want to pay based on its value to you in real terms




Pricing options

There are no Silver or Gold packages, Just One Monthy Membership where Everyone gets Everything, regardless of how much they pay


Sounds a bit odd I know and friends have said I am crazy, that everyone will opt for the lowest price but hear me about, it makes perfect sense to me.

Value for money -

I strive to give my clients fabulous value for money but what does that mean, as value, especially in the personal development arena is subjective. Also the amount of money assigned to that value is also subjective.

For example we have two people who are interested in joining Reaching Unity Membership, both have had their fair few trials and hardships and feel ready to start working on themselves. A earns around £16k pa and B 110kpa. What they feel is good value for money will vary depending on many factors but the amount of disposable income they have pays a major role.

A earns 16k pa with little disposable income, so any expenditure on herself over £10 a week is ruled out, so for A, it could be 60 per month or £600 it doesn't matter as neither are an option. It doesn't mean that A values the course any less and for me that is where the value comes, Value in terms of  what the end user gets out of it, which is then a reflection of the work I have put in.

B has more disposable income and would naturally value the membership monetarily higher as they have a higher frame of reference, this doesn't mean they place a higher value on the membership itself. £40 in a month is a great deal to A, a big financial commitment but it is less than B would spend having the car valeted. B may decide to pay a higher monthly premium because they know that it will make them take it seriously and make a commitment.

Value for you - 

The important thing is finding the right value point for you, it has to be an affordable amount but high enough that you commit to getting the most out of it. It is far to easy to keep procrastinating and sometimes we have to push ourselves into making a commitment we will stick to.

There are lots of reasons why this makes sense to me and I have created 3 videos that explain this further and show you how to align with your chosen monthly payment.


You still get 48 hours free to check out the site and also find your monthly sweet spot! You can cancel any time and if you have any issues or struggles send me a message and we can work something out. I would also consider an exchange of services, I cannot guaranatee it but am always up for the discussion.


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What you get for your bucks...

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