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Before you start; 

Focus on an issue that you would like to change, such as overcoming anxiety, becoming more organised and productive or wanting to learn to meditate for example and then dive in.

Apply The Lessons

With a variety of online courses, workshops, live session and resources you can soon turn your fear, anxiety and frustration into Peace, Confidence and Abundance.

Whether you are up for a major life overhaul or are more focused on a particular area such as mastering the Law of Attraction, the answer is here.

Live Your Dream Life

You deserve the life of your dreams and You have the ability to create whatever you desire,  Reaching Unity will show you how to live a life of PURPOSE and PASSION.

Everything is within your reach when you learn how to clear your mind, calm your fears and believe in yourself and the purpose of this site is to guide you through the process.


Hear Corals Story and how Unlock the Potential You Course helped her finally overcome anxiety and low self esteem and make her dreams happen - Just click her picture

TODAY ......

  • Coral has just recorded her first Album as a Solo Singer Songwriter, Her music is getting radio airplay
  • Her Band have just finished recording their first Album, they have been interviewed by local radio and their latest recording got 6,000 views in a day, they are busy gigging locally
  • Coral is running her own tattoo business, a long time dream
  • She got married last year and is looking forward to the future




Michele Elizabeth's Commitment To You

  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE - I get it, I understand how misunderstood, lonely or isolated you feel and so do other members of the group. Knowing there is more to you and more to this life puts you in a minority and Reaching Unity is a great place for us all to hang out.
  • EMPOWERMENT- You will feel Empowered, Inspired and Motivated, Learning new skills to help you overcome your hurdles and reach your goals. 
  • VALUE - Each course, workshop and article, always has a specific goal in mind, unless it can help you move simply from A to B then it holds no value. 
  • RESPONSIVE - My goals are helping you reach your goals, you can request topics for discussion and webinars.
  • SIMPLICITY - Keeping it simple and being direct is our aim.

Benefits and Features

The benefits of joining Reaching Unity Membership Site goes beyond the awesome features on the right

Everything is all in one place to keep you  motivated and inspired, it is too easy on this journey of self discovery and growth to feel isolated and alone, overwhelmed and not too sure where to start or go next.

Here at Reaching Unity you will find guidance and advice, support and motivation

You will have people to talk to that you don't have to explain yourself to first, they get it, they know where you are coming from, what you are struggling with and like you are doing something about it.

If you prefer to fly below the radar that is cool too and also something that we understand.

With your membership, you get:

  • Over 30 Personal & Spiritual Development Courses, relating to such topics as meditation, anxiety, health, mindset, success and purpose. These courses are designed to help you identify your goal and then show you the steps to get there.
  • A wealth of resources in the form of articles, podcasts and videos.
  • Group Forum to get help, motivation and to share your story, a great place to find a processing accountability buddy.
  • Blog
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Overcome anxiety and self doubt, clear your mind, discover your dreams turn them into goals and then achieve them
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Workshops cover topics such as Love Money Health & Spirituality. You can request topics that you would be interested in.
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Packed with Self Development Resources, Guided Meditations and Visualisations, eBooks, Articles and Worksheets
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Be part of the Growth Revolution and share your story and journey with like minded people in our Forum
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This Membership Site is FREE

This time  next  year  you will look back on this moment and say THAT WAS WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED

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In addition to the Free Courses like First Steps to Reaching Unity, we also have 3 paid course, Featuring our signature course Unlock the Potential of You

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Other FREE courses include, Make Manifesting Your Super Power, The Law of Attraction How to Live Happy and Transcendental Meditation, with over 30 courses to choose from, nothing is going to stop you in 2019

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