Hey Friend last chance equinox offer

Psychic & Soul Path Reading £25 discount

Hey {{firstname}} last chance equinox offer

Good Morning Friend

Last chance to book your Soul Path and Psychic Reading Combi for only £50 instead of the usual price of £75

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE EQUINOX ends 22nd September at 9am


Most of my clients say that having a combi reading makes them feel safe and reassured, which is why I always offer a discount during the September squeeze, these can be trying times and it is helpful to know that you are on the right track and if you are not how to get back.

There is a reason for everything and seeing your life from this higher perspective helps you to make sense of life.

For those who have taken Unlock the Potential of You, this special offer gets even better at £40, please make paypal payment to blatchfordm@me.com

Have a fabulous day and I look forward to linking in with some of you later 

Michele :-)