19th February 2018 -


February 20th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Are you moving into Unity or holding on to Duality?

Good Morning and I hope you had a fabulous weekend, I did, it has been a while since I did an intensive course and it was great, lots of belly laughs and penny drops had.

So the week ahead is going be rather high energy, lots going on and you will love it, changes are happening at lightening speed and everyones ability to manifest is going through the roof, but you have to believe.

We are all going to begin to see our path ahead clearing, many of your puzzle pieces are going to fall into place over the next 6 weeks and you are going to be seeing much more clearly about what you want to do and where you are going.

The energy will also be rather changeable so really learn to go with the flow, sometimes the energy just drops for a moment or two for us to catch our breath so don’t worry that you have lost that good feeling, just loosen up and let go, everything is not the end of the world, stop micro managing or you will go grey with stress.

The world is changing, life is changing, people are changing and all of this is a good thing but it will bring you stress if you are invested in everything staying the same. Nobody can stop this tide of change it is beyond you and me yet at the same time because of you and me. Each one of us helps to create the wave that is transforming everything and everyone.

I am sure you have felt the difference this year, the clarity and knowing, the power rising within, those who are making the journey to the heart are standing firmly in their truth and so much is now non negotiable, as you know even if at times you are not quite sure what it is you know.

Everyone can feel the shift, whether they are aware of this or not and as expected in a duality the reactions are polarised, on the one hand, the shift is empowering, helping us to move forward to our newly revised goals, it is propelling us on our path of self discovery and taking responsibility. It is igniting the courage to jump joyously into the unknown, a fearless and excited adventurer.

And in some people this is creating fear, anger, increased drama and distraction. Their power is being used to rigidly stick to and enforce the divisions and boundaries of duality, attacking you if you dare offer an alternative suggestion. Just be aware that this is fear but there maybe little you can do about it. I have a lot of people come to me with an issue but my suggestions of how they can help themselves falls on deaf ears, many want a quick fix or you to do it for them and many don’t want to help themselves but they do like the attention they get. There is nothing you can do here until they open their own ears.

So be aware of the polarities, the opposite extremes in which people will react to this and if you are moving swiftly down your path please do not get distracted by those that want you to come to their drama party, there is no value there.

We all have to learn this year when to walk away, this isn’t cruel or being without compassion or empathy but are you willing to sacrifice your dreams so that someone else can be the centre of their own mini drama. So take a step back and ask yourself is there any value here.

A good rule of thumb is two goes on the merry go round and then get off! Many people will talk to you for hours about their issues, seeking your advice but they don’t actually want your advice, they don’t want to have to act, or create something awesome, they just want to be distracted from their life by gossip drama and bs, if you allow it you will going round and round and round on their merry go round, never achieving anything, never moving forward but surrounded by flashing lights and swirling colours of others drama!

We all have choices to make and they are ours alone, after nearly 2 decades of working within personal development and counselling, I know that you can show someone their path but you can’t make them walk it, you can show someone solutions but you can’t make them see and you can offer them a shoulder to lean on and they will often jump on your back.

So just stop and think, does your need to people please, to help, to save over-ride your own need for survival? Because we all have choices to make and this is one of them.

Do not however go into panic and worry about your children, these are unity children and they understand this more than you know, they are already making these choices. Yes some maybe going down some dark roads but that is mainly because they are struggling living within duality but all that is changing and to be honest speak to your kids and then listen because they have a knowledge and understanding that will amaze you.

So time for everyone to stop step and look at their life with an objective eye, are you lying to yourself, distracting yourself, sticking your head in the sand?

Are you empowered with heart and soul energy, which is a quiet stable energy or are you fuelled by aggressive fear energy? You know and then you know you need to do something about it, no one is going to save you but you.


So come on let’s be empowered, heart centred beings creating the path to unity!!

Please do check out my course to help you do just that, and take a friend or partner along too in my 2 for 1 offer this week only. It is so important that you do something with regard to your personal development and I have found an awesome alternative to me, and I will introduce you to her later, as for me it is more important that you begin this journey, so if I don’t resonate with you then someone else will. This is not about sales this is about everyone beginning their conscious journey….so if not me then someone!!

Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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