Energy Forecast for today

Energy Forecast for today

February 3rd 2018 Energy Forecast

Good Morning and I hope you are well, so the super moon eclipse has changed us all and it has changed our world the very fabric of it all shifted, timelines have changed, disparities between polarities have widened, manifestation and creation of our own paths have intensified.

The day after the eclipse I had a lot of people contact me, each one either falling into complete drama to the extreme or empowered, certain and calm, this is the world splitting, some choosing duality and others moving to unity. Those in duality want others to solve their problems, take responsibility for their happiness and validate their own duality choices, regardless of the fact this is all unconscious. Those who are choosing Unity are making some big decision right now, they have got to the point where enough is enough and they have no choice but to act (well they do but that’s what it feels like) They are feeling empowered to take action, now both may appear as though a shitstorm is happening in their lives but these are very different scenarios and will have very different outcomes, when we are empowered we often have to dismantle parts of our lives, walk away from others and sometimes we have to stand our ground, raise our sword of truth and say no! Often you will do these things alone, well alone in terms maybe of family and friends as not everyone understands nor accepts empowerment but you are never alone, for a start you have us, this page, this group, we understand.

The other side of the coin, those choosing duality, will become more extreme bizarre and drama laden, you can tell if this is you if you talk a lot about the issues in your life, to a lot of people but without wanting a solution or any means to move on, it is all about being the main focus, being right or being a martyr/victim or hero. Duality is all about the surface, the material, like EU carrots, perfectly uniform, shiny, bright colours but lacking in value and taste.

The shifts have also brought with them feeling poorly and now is a great time to look at your diet, what are you eating that is making you ill? It is your food and it would be good to get your head round this, food harms and heals. If you are eating something that is making you feel poorly address it at source don’t go to the doctors and get chemicals to mask the issue so you can continue eating crap, where is the sense in that? Stop step back and do something differently, if you are not prepared to address your ill health through your diet then suck it up, you are making a choice that you will put up with the illness rather than stop eating junk, so live with your choice until you decide to make a different one but stop talking about it as no one wants to hear it.

We have to take responsibility for the choices that we make and stop spewing our self pity and negativity out into the world, this is not your cross to bear, you are not destined to suffer! The world is full of things for us to do and eat that will keep us in absolute tip top condition and most of them are free, if you chose to look the other way that’s your choice, suck that up or do something about it, you no one else!

The energy of honesty truth and integrity is here to stay and the feeling of the Emperors new cloths that came in oh in about 2007 and was applied to the global stage is now in our immediate world. The blinkers are coming off and you will see your family friends and co workers for who they really are, you will see the ones that come from their heart and will have a natural urge to be around them more and those that seek drama will repel us and in some cases quite dramatically.

If you are addicted to drama you will reject this as a few did on the 1st, the typical response being do you really think I like this drama and that I create it, my answer as always yes I do !

It is the same with people who try use us for their own means, this will become even more apparent and we all have a responsibility to ourselves to say NO, as they are aligning with duality and I hope that you are choosing unity.

So spend some time this weekend looking at the shifts within you and the shifts all around, who and what are you seeing with fresh eyes and what are you going to do about it? What revelations have you had about yourself, now these are the truly transformational revelations, if you find yourself focusing on others and feel empowered in an I am better than you way then you are firmly in ego and duality and that is your first clue and step.

It really is time to take responsibility for your life and your self, it is time to have integrity in everything you do, it is time to take the blinkers off and see the truth, starting with you, your motivations and your fears. It is time for us all to step up and be the best we can be.

One of the first steps in mystic training is to be impeccable in everything we do and that is the best advice I can give you all right now, be impeccable.

So for some this may seem harsh but it really is beautiful, an amazing shift has happened, we are all beginning to see our ascension into unity as a reality playing out in our 3d world and with that comes a choice, which path are you going to choose?

Have a wonderful weekend

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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