Last Chance for one to one Coaching

Make those transformations happen for you! At a massively discounted price

Last Chance for one to one Coaching

Hey Friend

I hope you are well and loving life?


If not then how about you take some time to really focus on what is bothering you and transform it once and for all? My 1:1 Coaching has had amazing results and my clients have been able to take what they have learned with me and apply it to every area of their life.

When you work with me I keep you on track to achieving your goals, if your arse needs kicking, I kick it, if your hand needs holding I hold it, if you need cheering on then I am there ! What you need and when will change as you progress and you may not know what you need and when but I do and I will be there to help you transform your issues, being my usual firm but fair, direct insightful honest yet loving and compassionate way.

As much as I love working 1:1 with people, my business is going to the next level, my successes this year with the development work I do but also with the creation of the Unity Toolkit, which will be launched in January 2019 has been rather overwhelming and means that I need to level up. My focus for 2019 is training therapists and counsellors to be Unity Practitioners and creating more awesome tools for your Unity ToolKit. Which is why this will be the last intake of 1:1 coaching clients.  

I first started the Enlightenment Project over 10 years ago and many of you have shared this journey with me, so to thank you all for the last 10 years and with the hope you will accompany into the next 10 I am offering 6 1:1 Coaching sessions for only £500, normal price £2000.

Sign up today as places and time is limited  Last chance coaching offer

Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xx