Are you walking your soul path?

Hey{{firstname}} a great time for a soul path and tarot reading

Are you walking your  soul path?

Hey Friend

I hope you are well and not running yourself ragged getting ready for Christmas.

These are super exciting times universally and we are all undergoing great change, ready for the transformational 2019.

I am opening my books for two weeks for a Soul Path and Tarot Reading, these  are amazing readings, looking  at your soul path, what is your purpose, where are you  on your journey, what support and lessons are coming from spirit  and how is this showing up in your physical world, how in alignment are you, I also combine this with a tarot reading that looks at your physical world, work and relationships, pain and healing.

Book your reading today before I sell out, I don't open my books that often and they sell fast and they are such a fab way to start the new year!

Soul Path and Tarot Reading

This is a post related to a soul path reading I did this morning 

"Psychic and Soul Path Readings - I love love love doing these - This morning I spent half the reading in floods of tears....because the client had the most amazing lady spirit with him who was so so so so so proud of him and so happy at the surprises and gifts that were coming for him....I mean how many jobs do you get to be part of things like this!"

and this is a review for these combi readings

"Thank you for a wonderful Soul Path and General Reading. My main words were ‘Spot On’ hearing the truth of everything that you read for me and I felt very calm, safe and supported afterwards. I am still amazed that we didn't need to connect or meet online to do so yet all of it resonated for me and I know that the same reading could not be possible for another person and was only for me. I could feel your passion throughout the reading and it really helped to have explanations of what is happening throughout and repeating the message till it sank in and I accepted and owned it. I now have a much better understanding of what I’m here to do and thus feel more excited and supported to create my soul's path into fruition and share it with everyone. Thank you from my heart." Brenda McCole Spain

Have a wonderful day 

Love and Laughter Michele xx