Hey {{firstname}} I have finished the course


Hi Friend

I have finally finished the first steps course, which you have free access to.

When you joined my mailing list you would have been sent your Simplero LogIn details, if you don't have them or haven't already logged in then please send me a quick email and I will resend them.


The First Steps Course is broken down into 7 steps, which if practiced regularly will give you a good solid foundation and help you start to make and see immediate changes in your life.

Step 1 Meditation - A good meditation practice is the foundation of your development and growth

Step 2 Conscious Living & Conscious Eating - Learn why it is important and how to reconnect with yourself and everything around you. It is the next step on expanding your conscious awareness

Step 3 Energy - Everything is energy, learn what is yours and what isn’t and how you can work with it, to bring your life into balance and abundance. Seeing life from this perspective will greatly expand your conscious awareness and your connection to you and your life.

Step 4 Mindset - Our mind creates so much of our reality

Step 5 Responsibility & Integrity - Take back that power and ensure you use it wisely, it’s important to do that right thing.

Step 6 Processing & Releasing - Healing core wounds, dissolving conditioning, restructuring your belief systems and mindset and letting it all go. Processing is a vital stage on your development, if you want to make permanent changes this is the only way to go about it.

Step 7 Psychic Abilities, Healing & Empathy - We all have these abilities and they will develop naturally as you grow, learn how much you already know and then have a little faith in yourself and start practising.

I hope that you enjoy it and get lots out of it.

Love and laughter Michele xxx