Start 2019 off Strong

Hey {{firstname}}, Make this coming year the most positive year you have ever had

Start 2019 off Strong

Hi Friend, 

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to the new year - 2019.




Start 2019 off Strong and turn your negatives into positives.  Reflect on the past year, what you did right and what you did wrong, the lessons you learned from both.


Pay attention to your own mindset and mood, were you happy and positive or did you complain a lot in 2018? Did life go well for you or was it one obstacle or drama after another? Are you hoping that 2019 is better because this year was pretty rubbish?


How many days in 2018 did you wake up with no energy or enthusiasm, feeling down and sluggish all day with no real explanation?


Just by adding a few simple techniques into your daily routine you can banish those down days for good!



1. Start Off Your Day Strong


 Your day’s effectiveness is normally determined in the first few morning hours. If you start checking the Facebook newsfeed and email when you get out of bed, you will start to drift down to the unknown.


 Front load your morning with an activity that will give you a positive mental focus. A brief brainstorming or workout session will help in keeping you right on track. 



2. Take Control of What Goes In Your Head  


It is important to be super vigilant about what you are reading, watching and listening to, you may be surprised at how negative most of it is and the effect it has on your mood and mindset.

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3. Practice Gratitude


 Recall what you are grateful for time and time again. Focus on the positive things that life has to offer as opposed to its negatives.


Now this is not always easy but  keep trying, after a few weeks it will be easier and almost automatic.


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Our mindset directly affects our experience of the world and happiness levels and it is pretty simple to change our mindset, the hard bit is the repetition and trying to remember to do it at all, making a new habit can be tough especially when you are so busy. Which is one of the reasons why I created Reaching Unity Membership, putting everything you need for your personal development in one place with easy to follow courses and workshops. You can check it out for free for 48 hours, so take a look around and see how it can help you make 2019 the year everything changed for the better!



Have a great day and try these tips for the next couple of weeks and see your life get happier


Love and Laughter Michele x