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Hey Friend

I recorded the Energy Forecast today, you can find it above, not sure why it is coming up as a empty box but if you click on it, it will take you through to recording.


The main themes for March are:

  • We have entered a new way of being and thinking, more so if you consciously walked through that gateway, the meditation recording is still available for you to do and take full advantage of the awesome energy.
  • Self/Inner Reflection to know what you want what you don't want, what your boundaries are and what is non-negotiable. It's time to create the life you really want and love
  • Alignment - where are you out of alignment, with your physical body, your emotions and mindset but also with your souls purpose
  • Truth & Clear Communication - you have a voice, time to use but not as a reaction or when you are pushed into a corner, use it objectively when your boundaries are first overstepped. Nobody is going to make you the centre of their world and make sure you are ok, you need to state clearly what you want and the energy is around to help you do just that
  • Manifesting is going to be high, especially at the second half of the month. It's why it is important to know what you want and focus on that rather what you don't have or don't want otherwise you will manifest more of that.
  • The planet is going to change and awaken at a faster rate than ever before, be part of that wave.

We have the New Moon in the 17th and another full moon on the 31st.

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Have a wonderful March

Love and laughter Michele xxxx