Expand your conscious awareness and grow


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March 8th 2018 Energy Forecast- Expand your conscious awareness and grow

Good Morning I hope you are well, like any good stalker or obsessive action it doesn’t go away over night so the energy of yesterday is still with us today and it feels as though it has ramped up a little, although it will dissipate by the weekend and move into something less uncomfortable.

However this energy is here for a reason and not just to to make us all a little crazy, it is to help us with our development. To move into Unity, to Ascend, whatever it is that you want to call it, we have to balance our inner and outer, our conscious and our unconscious, our duality, now this is tough and often beyond peoples ability because of two things, firstly the unconscious is unconscious to us and therefore unavailable and secondly the ego, the ego, when unbalanced (which is the normal state for duality) will never allow you to see where you might want to look for growth, the unbalanced ego is only interested in maintaining the status quo.

That is where the energy around comes into play, it helps us expand our conscious awareness and begin to see what lurks in our unconscious, it does this by bringing into our reality in rather extreme or intense measures, so that we really can see what we are doing. Although as always it is up to us whether we accept this or deny it.

How much are you using the information you get in these energy reports, they are here for you to become more aware and apply them to your own lives so that you can begin to see a pattern in your own behaviour, they are also a heads about the energy so you can see what is yours, what isn’t and learn from how it triggers you. Those in the development group yesterday took the energy report and started a discussion on it…..How do we distract ourselves outwardly from what is going on inside? This is why they are growing daily, expanding their conscious awareness of themselves and their connection to their world, they are joining the dots, using the energy forecast as a resource for their own reflection.

So take a look at some of the energy reports I have done over the last month and see how they connect with your life, sometimes looking back we can see the patterns better, for some that live in Australia, they use my energy reports as a confirmation of their own experience as they get them at the end of the day rather than the morning but they are used to help them connect with their own awareness and behaviour, validating their own intuition and understanding.

The energy reports go beyond just an interesting read, they are here to help you on your journey, so use them as the resource they are.

So it is going to be a little tricky to regain focused over the next couple of days but it is important that you do, notice when you are getting distracted. I woke up this morning to a message that a client won’t be able to make this morning, my first thought was great I have a morning to focus on an exciting new project I am working on, which is pretty involved, however 5 minutes later I was about to contact a friend who I am meeting for coffee next week to suggest bringing it forward. Sometimes that would be cool and would be flowing with the opportunities however today I saw it as a distraction because today I need to work on the structure and nitty gritty of this project rather than the fun creative stuff, so you can you see what I almost did?

So this energy today is all about helping you see when you sabotage delay and distract yourself and in these awesome creative times we need that structure and grounding to bring our awesome projects, remember it is all about the practical and the magical and it is far too easy to get caught up in the magical and if we do that our projects will never be successful as we will just be buzzing around like a balloon with a hole.

It is also a really great time to look at your boundaries because this energy is obsessive and others could possible step all over your boundaries with a crazy look in their eye and if it is you that you find peering through someones living room window with your night vision goggles, well it’s time you went home and grounded yourself with no tv or internet for a week!

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Love and laughter Michele xxxx