Your Dreams Goals & Ambitions

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Your Dreams Goals & Ambitions

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I am always banging on about fulfilling your dreams so I thought I would write a little bit more about our dreams.


"Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

Harriet Tubman


I am going to use the example of where we dream of living but it can apply to anything that we dream of or would love to do.


So often we see a picture of a beautiful house and say oh I would love to live there, or we dream of having a smallholding and being more self-sufficient, maybe our dreams are to live abroad. 


Dream House


Start to pay a little more attention to how often you say “I would Love to..” And what it is related to and then you can start working on your dreams for real, so that they are no longer akin to the dreams you have whilst sleeping, something intangible and unreal.


To begin with, you have to ask yourself, would I really love to live there, realistically? Smallholdings are hard work, are you really the sort of person that would be up for that day in day out? Do you really want to live in a hot country all year round or is it just something you yearn for in the winter, maybe you really like the changes in the seasons and would miss that?



Dreams come in many varieties, some are just there for us to daydream and fantasise about, it’s like our own internal tv show, it’s not real, you know it’s not but it feels good. 


Others are distractions and stop us from achieving anything, we fixate on a dream that is either totally out of alignment with us or something we don’t believe we could ever achieve, so we never will. They distract us from seeing what we really want and going for it.


There are also ego dreams which are linked to distraction dreams, these dreams are usually related to how you will be perceived by the outer world, you desire a big house because it will show the world you have made it, or your brother or tv stars have one. Sometimes these dreams can be out of alignment with you but sometimes they can be in alignment and your underlying motives go beyond the superficial and the ego.


Some dreams are messages or knowing about your soul path, something you may feel pulled to, that you feel is your destiny, maybe it is something that comes up time and time again for you. These are the dreams that happen easily once you start taking action, once you can see the path ahead clearing.


By asking yourself those questions, Would I really love to move there, would I love to move there now, you can begin to pick apart which dreams are which and then once you are left with your true dreams then you can act and start taking the path to dream fulfilment.


Once you are clear on the dreams you really want then there is nothing that can stop you, nothing that can stand in your way. People up sticks and move their whole family away all the time and have amazing adventures, people who are living their dreams always say they wish they had done it sooner. It was only them holding it back, with daily worries that really don’t matter.


We put obstacles in our own way and say we are being practical or realistic but really it is just fear, fear of the unknown and change.


If it is what you want then there is always a way and the beauty is once you are clear on your goals and dreams and are ready to take action, things just kind of happen, everything begins to fall into place and that shift in gears is based solely on trust.


Trusting yourself, that your dreams are true, that you have the strength courage and power to do this and trusting the bigger picture, the universe, that this is all going to play out perfectly.


Making a commitment to you and your dreams, is vital, I always do this down at the beach each morning, I focus on the area of growth or change that I wish to achieve and declare to the sea that I am ready, I will see what I need to see and do what I need to do.


So if you really want to see your dreams come true, first check that they really are your dreams and then realise that there is nothing stopping you from achieving them, you just need to commit and act, take that first step and the second will be revealed to you, as you take the second step the third will be revealed and so on and before you know it you are reading my articles in your dream home.


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