The Truth wills set you free!


30th January 2018 Energy Forecast- The truth will set you free

Hey Good Morning I hope that you are well, albeit maybe a little sensitive or emotional, this is good so just allow those tears to flow even if you have no idea what it is that you are crying about, just let those emotions flow but don’t hold on to them as you will know when you are done and it may be over as quickly and intensely as it started.

I tried to finish my article yesterday all about the moon but it is so exciting and there was so much to say it got a little bit confusing so I stepped away and hopefully it will flow today. There is just so much to this event that I want to make sure you take full advantage of it if you choose.

I would like to reiterate though how important this time is to your own path growth and purpose, you may think that it won’t make much difference one way or the other but ask those that meditated either with me or on their own on the last full moon and you will see that it made a big difference and they have not experienced many of the ups and downs that this month has brought as they allowed the moon to assist them at the beginning of the month release so much For those that didn’t take full advantage of the cleaning clearing and release for the last full moon have found themselves having to clear out all this month and it hasn’t always been easy.

Think of moons like super booster, they can help you with whatever you need right now but you need to do this consciously to really get the most out of it.

This is a great time for balance and alignment and this particular planetary alignment is going to help with the balance of our masculine and feminine, I am going to write about this in more detail at some point as it is part of our move into unity.

I feel the energy of truth strong and fierce and this is here to stay 2018 will usher in a new era of truth and transparency, for those that want to see the world will become clear, if you are invested in maintaining the status quo then that is what you will see and your fears will e realised, “gotta give the people what they want and expect right”

Truth is bright and strong to has the ability to cut through even the darkest shadows, those shadows within you that you fight so hard to deny even exists, allow the truth in and so much will become clear!

I also feel the energy of patience and wisdom and maybe tomorrow when the energy becomes super boosted this will be needed. The energy will be strong and proactive, the energy of leaders, however as we are still in a duality and most people still embody duality conditioning this energy will not stay pure, it will be split and distorted as it passes through the duality filter within us, meaning leadership can become a dictatorship, passion can become control and so on be aware of this and take yourself to one side if you find yourself acting in this way. It is our responsibility to ensure in each moment that we are not adding to the problem, that we are not voting with our actions to remained trapped within the duality forever swinging from good times to bad, drowning in conflict drama and lack , never feeling truly fulfilled as there always seems to be something missing! Is that really what you want? Maybe you are addicted to the drama, to the constant moaning, to feeling like a “survivor” or a tragic heroine ? Maybe? But if you want to know the answers now is the time!

This is not something to run away from and this is what I love about those that take my development course, they are able to exclaim with glee, oh my I have just seen that I totally manipulated that situation to get my needs met and feel worthy, they are embracing the arsehole within, we all have it and once you do, then you can balance and release it and bring in unity feeling in its place, that is why they feel such joy when they face their shadow sides because they know they can do something about it, it’s like finding the jackpot, for most people who are not actively processing their duality and issues their ego would jump in and defend them and their position, no you weren’t being an arsehole, blah blah blah etc etc preferring instead another loop on the carousel of BS.

So once again we all have a choice, everything is there right in front of you to set you free and it is spectacular but your free will means the choice is yours and in a duality world apathy rules but you can pull yourself out from the mire and create something awesome…….will you?

I would love for you to join me tomorrow at 12 Noon GMT for a Guided Supermoon Eclipse meditation Just follow the link below to sign up.

Love and Laughter Michele