Perfect day for a reading

The energies are aligned

Perfect day for a reading

Hey Friend


Now is a fabulous time for a psychic reading, the energy since the new moon has been intense,  throwing the puzzle pieces of your life into the air and living you feeling a little lost maybe?

Since the Solstice in December 2018 my psychic abilities have gone into overdrive and I have been called back into focusing on readings, to help you move past whatever is blocking or standing in your way.

From what I can see between now and April, I am to focus on readings to help get you  into position and from April onwards it will be all about the courses and guiding you to transform your life but first, you need a little more belief in yourself, a little clarity and a little leg up.

My readings also have great value in helping validate your own inner knowing, helping to form that connection between you and the universe, you and your soul path.

There are three types of readings I currently offer, £10 Mini Reading, £40 Standard Reading and £75 Soul Path, Tarot and Reaching Unity 3 in 1 Reading.

Check out the link below for more information, testimonials and to order your reading.


I look forward to receiving your order and connecting in with your energy and helping you move forward with joy in your heart.


Have a fabulous day


Love and Laughter Michele  xx