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Tomorrow is the solstice and one of my two favourite times of the year. I don't celebrate Christmas but I do celebrate the solstice, So Happy Solstice to you may you shed your darkness and bound light and free into your future!
We can achieve so much at a solstice as it is like a gateway for us, A time to let go of old cycles, to break with the past and move forward into a brighter more rewarding and positive cycle.
As we moved towards each solstice our life comes into fruition whether you experience this as positive or negative. We all reap what we sow, and if we have failed to sow anything or tend to our crops during the year then this will be felt now.
For most people, this time of year feels as though everything is either coming together or falling apart and if you can comprehend your life as a series of cycles and lessons then you will be able to see why.
This morning I am journalling and although I am really busy with work, I know the extreme importance of journaling, it is the foundation of all growth.
I am finding everything that I am grateful for this year
I am recognising and appreciating the changes made, the cycles are broken and the hurdles overcome
I have had an amazing year, so many dreams have come true, big cycles have ended and my pain has healed, I have learned and experienced stuff that has made my head spin and my heart pound but everything has come with joy and laughter.
Now I am in the process of visualising my coming year, starting with my business and the work I do, I feel it, I imagine it, I state it as fact, I allow all doubt to dissolve and know it to be fact, this is the way 2019 is playing out.
For law of attraction, manifestation and intention setting to work you need to really feel it, to be there, feel the sun on your skin as you step off your yacht (if that is your desire for 2019) Hear the waves lapping on the shore, feel the bliss in your heart and so on. Really be there.
I know you are all incredibly busy at this time of year, well most likely all year but truly it is important you take time to do these lists and visualisations if you want to make some real changes for 2019 rather than getting to the end of 2019 just like you have in 2018 and 2017 and so on back to the year dot and say Gosh glad that is over, what a year, here's to 2020 being better!
The only way your life is going to get better and be totes amazeballs is if you realise that you need to start doing things a little differently and start with taking an hour or so out of your morning, reflect, dream and journal.
The power is in your hands and the only difference between having it all and not is whether you use that power or not!
On a side note I am fully booked for readings over Christmas but I will be taking bookings for the new year, just reply to this message if you would like to be put on the list
Have a fabulous day
Love and Laugher Michele xx