Prep for the New Year

Lets Make 2019 Spectacular

Prep  for the New Year

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New Year, New Cycle



The New Year is almost upon us and it is a time of new beginnings, renewal and second chances. For some, this starts on the first of January and for others the 22nd December but regardless when these are my tips for getting the most out of this rather special time.


Reflect - Look back on the past year and maybe the past 5 or ten, cycles that end sometimes stretch far back into our past.  You will know which ones are ending as you will feel them, they will have been coming upon your face, especially in the last few months, begging for recognition and release.


For example, I was recently floored by memory from early childhood, now the memory I had not blocked but the emotion to that memory I had and last week the two reconnected and bam hit between the eyes, the only thing I could do was feel it and run that gauntlet of emotion. Once it was done, I was able to release it and heal, that 40-year-old cycle that had been unconsciously affecting me was done and I felt it dissolve. Although I wasn’t consciously aware of this issue I can definitely feel the difference without it.


Think back to this time last year, did you say the same words you are about to say this year, are you stuck in groundhog year? Be honest with yourself because once you are you can do something about it, denial won’t work in 2019


Let It Go - Cycles naturally come to an end, usually when all the lessons have been learned but we as human beings, we don’t like to let things go, we like to shroud ourselves in our problems issues and miseries, wearing it as a badge of honour, an excuse or protection.  But that is distorted thinking and the route to freedom and success is letting it go and travelling light.


Once you have forgiven, found gratitude, learned your lessons  and let go of the past cycles,  it is time to work out what your dream life looks like, we are all different so take some time to find your dreams


What does your dream look like?  Where are you, what are doing, who is with you, how does it feel and so on.


Turn your dreams into goals, one big one and then lots of little ones that are stepping stones to your final dream life. Then know that you can make this happen!


2019 is a year that great things can happen for you, if that is where your head is at, we all have free will and we all have choices to make and now more than ever those choices count.


As I am sure you can see all around you the split that is happening,  the angry and self-righteous becoming more so and those working on their own development and responsibility are taking great leaps and bounds. These are the choices you get to make, how is your life going to play out, ask yourself do you spend more energy on being right or reflecting on your own responsibility?


It seems that either life is coming together or falling apart,  some people have had the best most awesome 2018 and others the worst. Reflect on this as your experience of 2018 will tell you what you need to do and where you need to look. You can turn this around in a heartbeat once you truly look.


2019 is going to be a year action, you really can make this happen, so take your goals and start manifesting your dream life. I have created Reaching Unity Membership Site to help you do just that, so try it out for free for 48 hours and put it to good use - Start 2019 with a leg up.



Have a fabulous day and I would love to hear your plans for 2019.


Love and Laughter Michele x