Hey Friend,Do want to be more productive?

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Hey {{firstname}},Do want to be more productive?

Hey Friend

I hope you are well and looking forward to the holidays.

I would like to share with you the first section in my SuperBoost Your Productivity ebook, which is available free within the Reaching Unity Membership Site....enjoy.

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Super-Boost Your Productivity





Are you so very busy, running around with 101 things to do but you never seem to get anywhere or the items on your To-do list just keeps growing?


I used to be exactly the same, buckling under the weight of it all and rather than help, those around me just piled on more work, I used to silently scream, “I am not waving I am drowning” as another job fell into my lap.


Everything changed for me when I learned to manage my time better and now I am super productive in half the time leaving me plenty of time to hang out down the beach with my boys.


I have taken what I have learned in my personal and business life and created a mini course Super-Boost your productivity


The following article is the first section in the course Managing Your Time


This is just one mini course that you will find on free to members on the Reaching Unity Membership site to find out more information Click the link below




But for now please enjoy reading how you can manage your time more effectively so that you can experience the satisfaction of a job well done with time to spare for a bite to eat with a friend or maybe some much needed you time.



Super-Boost Your Productivity




Our time is crucial to us, and for those of us who would like to work on ourselves, create a better life for our families, assist others, and so forth we have more and more items on our to do list day-to-day, we never finish, there will always be something else that we had better do.


Personal time management skills are crucial if you are to be a productive effective person. Individuals who practice these strategies routinely are the highest achievers in all walks of life, from business to sport to community service. If you utilise these skills well, then you'll be able to function exceptionally well, even under acute pressure.


How to achieve more with the time you have?


At the core of time management is a crucial shift in direction: Centre on results, not on being busy


Many people spend their days in a flurry of activity, but accomplish very little, as they're not concentrating their effort on the affairs that matter the most. 


GOAL SETTING - To begin managing time effectively, you require goal setting. When you understand where you're going, you are able to then work out what precisely needs to be done, in what order. Without suitable goal setting, you'll fool away your time on a disarray of conflicting precedences.


People tend to disregard goal setting as it requires time and effort. What they neglect to consider is that a little time and effort injected now saves a tremendous amount of time, effort in the future. 


 PRIORITISING -  what needs to be done is particularly crucial. Without it, you might work very hard, but you won’t be accomplishing the results you want as what you're working on isn't of strategical importance.


Many individuals have a “to-do” list of some form. The issue with many of these lists is they're just an accumulation of things that need to get done. There's no rhyme or reason to the list and, because of this, the work they accomplish is just as unstructured. To work with efficiency you need to work at the most crucial, highest value tasks. This way you won’t get caught clambering to get something vital done as the deadline comes near. 


Having a plan and recognising how to prioritise it is one affair. The succeeding issue is recognising what to do to minimise the disruptions you face during your day. It's widely known that managers get very little continuous time to work at their priority tasks. There are calls, data requests, queries from employees, and a whole host of issues that pop up out of the blue. Some do need to be addressed straightaway, but others need to be handled. The same can be applied to most people’s days, whether you are juggling parenthood and a career or working and studying, we all have pulls on our time and constant distractions that stop us from getting anything finished.


“I’ll get to it afterwards” has led to the ruin of many a good employee. After too many “laters” the work stacks up so high that any job seems insurmountable and this does not just relate to a work situation, how many times on your day off have you been so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things you need to do that you end up doing nothing at all? 


Procrastination is as enticing as it is lethal. The best way to beat it is to acknowledge that you do dillydally a bit. Then you need to work out why. Perhaps you're afraid of failing or you have fallen out of love with what you are doing? When you know why you procrastinate then you are able to plan to get out of the habit. Praise yourself for getting jobs completed, I always have a mini celebration and remind yourself of the ugly effects of not doing those tedious tasks!


EFFECTIVE SCHEDULING - Much of time management boils down to effective scheduling of your time. When you recognise what your goals and precedences are, you then need to understand how to go about making a schedule that keeps you on track, and protects you from tension.


This means understanding that things and people are going to come up, some you need to attend to but others are just distractions. If you have a deadline to meet or a task that you are in the middle of and your friend calls for a chat, you have a choice, to be distracted and or tell your friend you will give them a call once your task is complete. At the same time you need to give yourself extra time for when your attention is needed and you can deal with whatever comes up without being stressed about falling behind or not finishing something.


Be flexible but be firm with yourself, you probably need it.


I hope you enjoyed that and it gave you something to think about and try.You can find the rest of this course at Reaching Unity Membership Site,  click the link below for more info.