Hey Friend your energy forecast for today

Ground this energy to super boost your journey

Hey {{firstname}} your energy forecast for today

January 23rd 2018 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope that you are well, we have some really strong grounding energy which is fantastic and we should all use this to ground ourselves, this is going to be important for many reasons over the coming months. Everyone is going to be getting more and more physic messages and knowing, as many people are consciously walking their path and many more will follow day after day, the life you knew will begin to dissolve before your eyes into something much more expansive and inclusive, for this you need to fully grounded.

Day by day higher vibrational energy to help with the shift from duality into unity is coming into our planet and us, we help everything and everyone including ourselves if we ground this energy.

Many people forget to ground, as the body and our physical 3d duality world is what many people want to get away from, the spiritual aspect of their lives is the preference, so it is ignored a little or maybe just overlooked. However grounding is vitally important, our journey is not to reach the stars, are journey is to realise we are the stars! So ground ground ground!

We have a fabulous active energy around that has a lighthearted edge to it, which may lead to some “sexy times”, this is said in humour which is the general tone of the energy. Have some fun, be adventurous, take that leap of faith to have a laugh. It is important to lighten up and that’s the point of it all right to work towards having a higher vibration, to being lighter, of heart and of spirit. Fun and laughter is part of that, when you laugh you raise your vibrations and those around you. Note how quickly the mood can lift when a happy person joins the group, think how infectious laughter is and how good it feels. This is ascension moving from one state to another, going from sad to happy, Processing makes these states permanent rather than temporary and based on external factors, when you really get into your processing like those taking my course , these shifts towards inner joy peace and balance become permanent, not rocked or changed by external pressures or situations, they really are keeping their heads when all around are losing theres.

This inner stability is important and using the grounding energy around will help. Just think about that for a while, how would you like to be that emotionally stable? A constant inner feeling of joy wonder and delight, to feel this way despite how people treat or react to you, despite the drama all around. To feel more deeply and feel more connected to everything in your life but be devoid of drama, not being caught up in the waves of other people lives or being stuck on the pendulum swing from good times to bad? Would you like that? It is possible more than possible and it is a requirement for unity!

Use the wonderfully active and grounding energy that we have, I am sure that there are some exciting opportunities coming up in your life so keep your eyes open and be ready to jump, don’t second guess, follow your heart and go for it!

These are the most extraordinary times so don't sleep through it.

Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx