Let go of old memories with this simple visualisation

Work with the energy the full moon is bringing

Hey Friend



The energy of the full moon is pretty intense this month and it will bring old memories up to the surface which can be quite uncomfortable. This isn't something that you just have to go through with no purpose or reason. This is an OPPORTUNITY FOR RELEASE.

Also just being aware of what is going on and the energy that may be affecting you right now can make life flow a little easier.

Pop over to my new site where there is lots more info, tips and advice on your path and development and also the energies around at the moment.

With this simple visualisation technique you can allow these memories to show themselves to you so you can release them. It really is time to let it go!

 For more information on how to use this visualisation   CLICK HERE



I hope you are having fun in the sun, let's keep it that way.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx