February 5th 2018 Energy Forecast - Truth & Justice


February 5th 2018 Energy Forecast - Truth & Justice

Good Morning I hope that you a re well and had a fabulous weekend realising what it is that makes your heart sing.

As we move away from the full moon energy and further into this week the energy is all about right, justice, fairness and equality. We have discovered what we are no longer prepared to put up with, we have the energy of truth running through us all and this is going to become super grounded with this energy of justice and fairnesss. It is time for us all to do the right thing, to have integrity, whose definition is doing the right thing regardless of who is watching. We do the right thing not because someone is monitoring us or it is expected but because our heart will let it be no other way.

This is going to be a year of great inroads into equality, again these are heart centred states of being, quality and fairness go hand in hand and it is up to each one of us to do the right thing. Many of us live with perceived inequality and the effect that is directed at us and let’s face it unless you are a western white man you have experienced some kind of bias. That is no reason to turn again the white man and victimise him, this is not a competition over who has experienced more persecution and inequality. We do not have to belong to a certain ethnicity or group to be outraged at their treatment, we are not on the outside looking in, we are all citizens of the world being abused controlled and manipulated by an unseen elite.

If this were a film wouldn’t you be rooting for the populous to come together? How would you feel if the hero’s of the film turned on each other playing right into the baddies hands? In those movies that have you sobbing at the end isn’t that because everyone came together, worked together and the power of the group brought success?

Yet in real life when we start to come together in power and truth something will happen on the global stage that spreads fear like a virus across the planet once again turning man against man, making us fall back into our conditioned responses of “I am better than you” or “I am nothing and you are better than me”

Fear is the currency of the dark agenda, think of moment you went into fear, it debilitates us, weakens us, makes us suspicious and paranoid and either makes us want to attack or run and hide, thus perpetuating the problem.

Our strength lies with each other, our Ultimate joy is connected with each other yet we are leading increasingly isolated lives, our natural response is to help, when we see another in distress we reach out. The last decade has taught us this we have had lots of disasters around the world and in each one our governments have failed us, which I always said was a good thing as it allows us to come together and shows us we can do this for each other, we don’t need to give our power away.

Everything that has happened over the last 10 years has shown us how awesome we all are, we are not the corruption of our governments, our conditioning and the brainwashing and drugging that happens at every level of our life cannot dampen the awesomeness of the human heart.

Having been bang smack in the middle of this for the past 20 years I can say to you straight, we are not weak, we are not ineffectual, we are not crazy stupid or lazy. We are freakin awesome and we have the capacity for greatness, all of us but first we need to remove the shackles that have been placed on us that makes us feel we can’t, what’s the point or that is someone else’s problem. These shackles are placed on us via the good we buy and the tv we watch, we are controlled by learning to place all our trust in people in authority, the bankers, politicians, doctors and scientist, we believe them to be better than us and defer to them, yet since 2008 we have been shown clearly time and time again with documented and provable evidence that they are liars, fraudster and manipulators, they feather their own nests at our expense and then laugh at our stupidity and vulnerability.

You have seen this with your own eyes, the evidence is everywhere but is it real to you? The energy coming in is going to help you to see the truth, to join the dots of all you know and to stand up and say this is not right, this is not fair, this is not true.

If you felt someone was laughing at you in your neighbourhood, taking you for a mug you would probably be outraged, yet we are being taken for fools on a global level, make no mistake those we hold in high esteem that we invest with power, they are laughing at us, they deride us, we are stupid mindless sheep rushing to the slaughterhouse and saying thank your for the privilege.

Yet we know, I know and you know that this is not right, so allow this energy to help you hear, to help you see, on a personal and global level, No More, this is not acceptable and we all have the power to do this but we can’t do it alone.

A year ago I was given the choice to move fully into unity, however the downside at this time was I would have to leave my physical body behind after a lot of deliberation I chose to stay because my connection to the collective was too great, we are all in this together and everyone of us need to play our part.

The question you need to ask yourself is, are you helping push the group forward or are you a time and energy sucker, are you in drama, refusing to see and going round in circles in your life or are you making the changes, no matter how small? Think about this carefully and look for evidence in your life to show you what you are doing.

Remember we have a choice duality or unity, are you part of the solution or part of the problem.

Let’s make February a Drama Free Zone, giving up gossip judgement and Drama for the month of February, If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything, no passing judgement on another actions, this has nothing to do with you, pulling yourself out of victim, saviour or villain roles and not casting anyone else in them either.

You are not starring in your own reality tv show so time to wind your neck in and do something real.

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx