I am blown away by these readings

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I am blown away by these readings

Hey Friend

I am So Blown away by my combi readings this week, using my Reaching Unity Cards (ready for sale very soon)

Every time I use the Reaching Unity Cards I am blown away by their accuracy and insight but when I do them as part of a trio of readings it blows me away every time.

First I connect into your Soul Path - I can see what is happening and why at a soul level and who is around helping and guiding

I then draw the Tarot which always perfectly reflects everything that is happening at the soul level but on the physical, repeating and validating what was said before, carrying the same them through

and then .....

the Reaching Unity Reading reflects the soul and physical level but how it is showing up in your Mind Emotions, Physicality and Physical World.

It is incredible how the same themes, phrases and advice runs through all 3 readings so you are left with a complete picture of what is happening with you on all levels! It is truly outstanding, exciting and completely validating that the last 18 months spent focusing on the development of Reaching Unity Toolkit was exactly the right thing to do!

At the moment I am offering this 3 in 1 Reading for the price of a Tarot and Soul Path Reading so grab one today as they are fabulous!

Have a wonderful weekend revolving_hearts

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Love and Laughter Michele